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Queen Ethel isn’t happy. She’s married into minor Cornish royalty but is obliged to put up with a slob of a husband and a nasty mother-in-law. The light in her life is the infant Princess Loveday and we find the family preparing for her christening, with the useless support of the King’s Chancellors and the magical assistance of Loveday’s four fairy godmothers.

But will the christening survive the attentions of a wicked witch, furious at not being invited? She has the power to cast a curse that could ruin Princess Loveday’s life and threaten her family’s existence. Should this happen ‘(Oh yes, it will’), only a very special Prince will be able to break the spell and rescue the Princess and her family.

The award-winning Ruthern Valley Players invite you to join us in the search for the Prince and open the curtains on your Christmas celebrations by attending one of our four performances at Withiel Village Hall.

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