2022 PANTOMIME – King Arthur


Don’t miss our next festive production which is, as usual, packed with stunning song and dance, special effects, spectacular scenery, fabulous costumes, some bizarre characters and plenty of laughs.


The Parish of Camelot is in crisis; lacking a Council Chairperson and threatened by its hostile neighbours, the ancient parish is in danger of being consigned to history.  Until, that is, a new Chair is found and, once he comes of age, Arthur recruits a brave and intelligent set of knights (or are they just a bunch of twits???) to regain control of the parish borders and defeat its numerous enemies, including the evil Morgana Le Fey and her unpleasant family.  Boosted by his marriage to the lovely Guinevere, Arthur and his troops set off on a quest to wrestle back control of their parish and assume control of North Cornwall.



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King Arthur

21st January to 22nd January 2022
28th January to 29th January 2022

Withiel Village Hall

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